Saturday, February 18, 2012

She is the one who!

     The title remains unrevealing till my heart speaks out openly!  Today there is no one to restrict me in my penning. I'm not saying it loftily. I just mean the freedom to express which is given by her. She is my kith as well as a kin!  She is the one who know who I am? and make extreme love for me ever. 
      She know everything which even my Mom miss to know! She never hesitate to speak the truth about me irrespective of good or bad. Even my diary doesn't holds anything to that extreme what she knows about me. Nothing is more special to her than me, it meant She doesn't have anything that matters a lot than me!

     She is the first to lend her ears to my words, to extend her hands to wipe my tears, to express joy on my success, to lift her sholders to hold my distress, to foster me to move further when others who I count on are busy with their commitments. She made me to love others and She made me to being loved by others.
    I dont know when and where we met and how we get introduced but I know How we are? and Where we are? and also She is the most prescious I found ever in my life. She is my commentator, observer, reviewer anything it may be but She is everything! She is the first to comment all my doings and my blog posts too. It wont be partially observed, the feedbacks will be straightforward without any compromises and she tries to motivate me to be better!
    She loves me to the extreme she could and make me too to love her to the extreme! How this is possible. She never possess a jealous on me but she is my best competitor. She make everything for me more specially and make me to do something for her more more specially. I find her everywhere when I need her. She always give me the best and never make a compramise in her choice for me. 
   She finds me whenever I am missing where actually I want to be a part. She stays in my eyes to get me know the different view of the world that is out of my focus. She is a good decision maker always provides the better solutions. She is one who restricts me and make me to refrain from everything that I should not proceed with. She analyse everything I refrain from and give me the exact. She made me neither optimistic nor pessimistic but realistic. 

        She is none other than "Myself" I found her. She is the one who can handle my heart better with love and care than any other! Be aware of your inner voice which always depicts the good for you! The above content would not mean anything if you read it as MINE. you just try to read it as YOURS once again.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hidden Treasures of my Stash!

        Treasures it always meant to something most worthy. It means the same here but its not about the money that to count, its the smile and the happiness I earn which fills the gaps between my beats very often whenever I have a glimpse at it. Its not the only one to have a peek at. Everyone would possess such a things that remind them the sweet memories and pick them back to the second they enjoyed it. Each and everything that I possess given me a most valuable moments. First of all my sweet bicycle. Its my first most valuable gift when I was 13, by my mom apart from many. Its immensurate that the love I have for it. It still drops me in my college daily in the morning and waits for me to pick me up at the evening. It is insensitive but it never left me alone anywhere in my way. Its always a pleasure trip whenever I was with my bicycle. Not alone my bicycle the keychain of it too the precious one which I found without looking for. Its like a little bag that clench my cycle token daily from morning to evening. It freed me from missing the tokens somewhere and paying the fine. I love it and it is in my fave colour too.

        And next the desk that holds all my creative stuff. Let it be my study table! Let it be my home inside my home where I spend most of the times in enjoying with my cute little buddies including the pen stand that I made from empty health drink container, the paper weight made with broken pieces of pen smeared with melting candles decorated inside the glass and a little cup holding  little stones decorated with artificial flowers, CD pouch made with empty gift box, and the most most lovable one my dad's tool box stayed there as holding all my lap top's accessories.


        And my love to Mother Theresa's quote pasted in my wall is ever lasting and little photo frame having my brother's photo made of decorative paper that stays as my first creative work before 5 years. And atlast my boring books and lap top too placed there in that table. I love my desktop wallpaper too. I dont know in which way it impressed me but I love it. The wallet that I got back with 1000 rupees which I lost in college campus still remains in me as the remnant of luck that I possessed. 

       Everyone have many friends. But only few will be intimate. For me too! The time they spent for us remains in us as sweet memories reminding them even when they are apart. The time here means not only the moment they were been with us it also refers the time they spent for us even when they are apart. In my life such a moment includes the time taken by my first two friends to present a birthday gift for me, it is nothing but a hand made greeting card with some decorative beads pasted in it. It holds a complete friendship that they have for me. Now they are apart but it remains as a colourful template for our friendship in my life.          
     It impressed and inspired me to gift my lovable ones with some hand made gifts rather than buying something and presenting for courtesy. It extends  myself to present a friendship card made of normal paper with the decorated natural dried leaves for all my classmates for Friendship day as they have spended some times with me and I gifted siva on her birthday, a booklet containing verses in each page specifying special days that we spent together more specially. 

           And she presented me a gift for my last years birthday that holds many special gifts for every birthday since my birth, from bindi for my first birthday to new blog for my last years birthday! And her New Year presentation for the first year after our meet and some silly little things that I sneaked from her rejoicing with me still.

          As such Love to my treasured things extending without ending!! How can I leave all these which played a little role and left a sweet footprints to think back in my life!!! It goes on!  
            Last but not the least the footling spacious home which keeps my Mom near to me whenever I am in search of her is my most favourute one. All my faves are quarelling to get priority in my love let it extend to have love with everything that I destined to!!! I wish to have love with whatever I have fun with!