Friday, December 9, 2011

Remnant Of Dreams!

           Our human mind often darts with myriad desires. Its extreme is endless. But everything we desire are not achievable. Some daydreams may be such as becoming a millionaire in a single day or to become an angel or god using galaxy power as we seen in Tamil films or to facilitated with ability to read our academic books in fraction of seconds as Chitti(Robo) did in Endhiran. Every one would have experienced such a stargazes. Me too! We know that it is impossible to achieve but even though our human mind often wish to have a fun with our thoughts.

          Every dreams or desires are not fantasy. If we decide something as it must be achieved, then it is necessary to analyse the obstacles we going to face and the aftermath too for the better success. Yes, the success remains stable where the obstacles are delicately tackled and the consequences are drew reined. If we are really longing for something, our mind obsessively clung with it irrespective of its possibilities and consequences. The consequences may be good or bad. In such stage everyone won't act in a similiar manner. Some may analyse it whether we are desiring the right thing and also consider the future consequences to plan completely about what to do, how much effort we must put into and so on. 
          But some have a strong belief in "Everything is possible! Nothing is impossible!" without considering obstacles and consequences. It greatly works with higher effort to gain as we expected. But the success depends on the possibilities and how delicately we make for it. This is the stage where we move in to the control of our mind and we await for the chances to achieve it. Our desire often drove us to stargazes. The firm determination and Self-confidence helps to achieve our possibilities. Only the possibilities! 

           The great mistake we use to do while we aiming at something is expecting and imagining the output(the gain or positive result) before giving up the proper input. Its like having count on profit before commencing the bussiness. Analysing the profit is not the mistake but the problem here is dreaming about the gain before lossing the effort would make it hurtful when we unfortunately fails in it. Its so hurtful when our dreams getting away as illussion.
         It is not like that we can only achieve if we do things without expectations. Eventhough if we didn't expect anything too it hurts if we failed. Our pity little heart oft feels for failures, make guilt trip for mistakes, trapped by the distress due to loss. Its the human nature. But the pain in loss would be less effective and joy in success would be more if we put ourselves into whatever we do without having count on output. The failure on something which ate up our efforts would sow the confidence to try out it again where we have a count on neither success nor failure. And as same the happiness on achieveing something unexpectedly gives higher pleasure than anything achieved as we expected. Its always remains as a remnant of our dreams in retentions of our success for ever.

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  1. Felt the maturity n ur writing... I could find the Confidence in ur life's graph is touching the peak.. Hats off darl.. !!