Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Life, To Me!

           Life! Meant a Lot. To me Life is what we engaged in.Whether it may be a Social Life or Personal Life everyone are engaged in something. In the rushing world we are driven by something other than ourselves. Today our Life is not our's. We are all hastening towards Money believing that it is the only thing needed to survive in this world and missing lots of happy moments. I dont blame who footing towards money where me too in phase to earn something. The earnings of my Mom is sufficient for our survival and to accomplish my graduation where the education loan made me to pursue post graduation.If it is not then I too may be in some employment leading my life towards money. Even though I swear that money is always secondary to me. I need it only to survive not to earn greedily or to lead a luxurious Life or to hoard it in stash.
          In Life apart from money there are some more terms love, care, Adaptions. The Life may have lots and lots of changes in fraction of seconds whether it may be a good or bad none can predict it. For me everyday every second is precious which never returns back. And though everything which given to me to be mine and everyone I meet are precious too. My Kiths, My Sister, My Mom, and my clans too. Clans are who we cant decide about to have them. But the Kiths where we met them accidentally, or in any events, or who closely match with our predilections or we may intend to feel them as our dearest one on frequent meetings.
          However, they influence our Life in some way through being in our deepest thoughts and leave few foot prints in our life. Every one possessing this role in my life are always special to me. My valuable moments are my leisure times where it would be spent only for my special ones. 

          My such moment includes some sunday, the whole day gifted to me to spend it with my Mom. My special cooking for her on that day (whether it may be good or bad) gives me more pleasure when it results in silent smile in her lips and her extreme love and care for the whole day specially to me. And every day whenever I get chance to reach home from college before my Mom I would like to prepare some few minutes edibles for her (Bread toast, Noodles). Where my free time with my Mom spend like this, My time with my sister is so unforgettable. Now she is married. But before that we always used to fight each other for every silly things. But now I miss her a lot. So whenever we get leisure times together we never miss it. Sometimes we spent it on shopping only for purchasing our favourites(out of need) each other and having repasts specially with our preferred in some eatery.
          Such happiest moments of mine doesn't includes my Mom and Sister alone out of them my sweet Kiths too. Time with them is most precious to me because they are too few and too cute. It gives me more pleasure to spend my leisure times specially for them by giving them some surprises, being with them when they have count on me and helping them in their decisions and so and so. Where they cant be with us all the times, but the sweet memories remains in us as the remnant of Love we spent each other. Its very pleasant to love more than to be loved. When we expect to be loved by someone it may fails sometimes and it is too hurtful. But I believe loving others will make me more happier. Here No Pain and No Loss too. The only thing would be whether our care is acceptable there or not. Because I'm too a human and not a fool to love everybody where my love and care felt not as worthy.
         My very old friend (met during my regular evening walk) who is enjoying his twilight years in old age home expects me to visit him frequently or atleast a phone call twice a week. What could I do for him better than calling him or being with him very few minutes and lending my ears to hear his words. I'm doing it for him. Some more friends wish to have a count on me to share everything I'm trying to meet them up to what I can do for them. Whatever I may say on satisfying others and loving others and may believe in everything going well but the real fact is no one can love others and loved by others completely. Jerk and break turn out sometimes and we must be very strong to end it well. Because Loving others is like 24 hours prayer! (Taken from my favourite Quote). I believe in it!

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  1. Life - the meaning!! I really meant it.. The immense pleasure in sharing & caring is worthless.. Share with (o)ur loved one and Care for (o)ur belowed one.. Enjoyed a lot darl..!!