Sunday, December 17, 2017

You are the best if you do...

                      You are the luckiest if you could able to do these two things. You are the one who can make your entire world happy, if you dare to do these two things. You can hold on any relationship, if you stand still without any compromise to apply this two things in your life. At any point of time, while turning back your life's pages if you miss happiness somewhere or if you have any guilt-trip then its because of lacking these two things. To describe more these are the foundation of emotional intelligence, the fragrances of happy soul, the slap-up qualities of thoughts, precious gifts of god. What to say? No more words to describe it more precisely.. These two are which made the way for me to move on at times when I doubt my survival. 

                       Those are nothing but Forgiving and Forgetting. If one carry worst past round the clock then there a question of happy future will raise. You can forgive wholeheartedly only when you forget. Before you forget find who was really hurt, reason for it and your part of it. If you are the reason then don't stand still at your ego, nothing you will gain through it instead you save pity hurt for yourself to have later. What you are saving now?? 

                  It is impossible to repair the broken glass without scar. If you want to furbish up your broken relationship without bruise first forget whatever it might be happened, then forgive those who are the reasons behind and at last replenish it with happy memories. If you feel unworthy to forgive then just forget and move on ignoring whatever happened. If it is tough for you to forget because of not able to move away from the situation where you continuously getting hurt, then you just try to be silent. Be patient, be calm hold on to your extreme strength to defend till you hit the right situation to change the milieu. Don't waste your valuable words to the not reachable mind, rather it is better for silent mind where you might be acknowledged later.

                   Forgetting and Forgiving are the toughest thing to do which forms the reason behind many huge problems which actually deteriorates the entire humanity. Lacking this two make us inhumane at times ends with deprivation of love, happiness and finally deep sleep too what we yearn for actually.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

I'm Right!

          "I'm Right" the most effective thought which is within every confident person and it must be! But even it must be in a mean to accept the mistakes where they too can slip some where! They always wish to be perfect, where over perfection too might looks over them sometimes. 

           In this world everyone are unique. There are still few who say neither "I'm Right" nor "I'm Wrong". They don't want to judge themselves and they always try to follow the systematic way of human life, where they may love to lead such a life. 
           And many says "I'm always Right" . Who can be always right? No one! Even the God do mistakes of sending a person incomplete to the Earth.  Then how we can say "I'm always Right" being after all a human. When we engulfed with such a thought we often miss to lend our ears to others words! If we even hear we wont make it to reach our mind. We never know who is the victim and never try to know. Our heart always says "You are Right".

           I always hear two voices quarreling each other when I am in a need to decide something. Whether it is right or wrong the heart always decides what we desire where the mind always stay with the decision that practically fits for me! One will say "It is the right! it is your dream!" where the other will says "It wont suit you please don't!"
          What we would decide is our own! But every human struggle somewhere in taking major decisions. But some are always at the side of heart, some with mind and few struggling with both mind and the heart and few never hears both the voices and go on in the way the life leads.

          But the one who hears the mind always consider all the reflects of their decision before making it. They are even very cautious on the words they speak, the way they act. They are seen as practical people. They always wish to do what is right without harming others and they never mind about the negatives around them. They are ever ready to judge the right and move on with it. They wins over others heart losing their own, not meant losing their happiness for others. It meant losing ego centrism as their mind says and finally they win. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Taste Her Soul!

             I am trying.. trying.. trying.. for years but I still cant find her way. I am penning down this for you to try. she is my BLACK LADY! She is  "Black" not meant the race, Here I meant "Black" as a color that hides what it has in it! Its about a Lady who is brave enough to convert all negatives around her to positives and who is confident to stretch others life so spacious enough to do everything with love. She is the princess of her fairy tale dream and mine too..
          She was born and brought up in an island where she was given with everything that she needs to grow, except the love that needs for her soul. Because her illiterate single parent have to make way of life for her and her daughter too. But she learnt to make love in everything she do. She is so brave to save, so confident to learn, tough to bend, restrict to express, kind to all, hard to turn back. She wont express her to all because some may get hold of her. 
            When grown up she had taken entire responsibility on her shoulders. Responsibility here is about her family, job, future. Being lucky she made her profession in the field she dreamed after a long struggle. she deserved it. she sow prowess, water it with justice every day without thinking about what she is going to reap. I thought she is not recognized in her profession though she is doing her work more perfectly with whole heart. I wondered how she is doing this all without expecting any appreciation or complements for her wonderful job. But she is so satisfied with it. Then I learnt how she is so happy in doing her job whole heatedly because she don't think about what she finally get for her job done. And also she is satisfied with her job and what she gets for it too even it is low. 
          Some may use her for their job to be done. She did that happily. They seen her as an innocent not knowing their evilness and they were happy on their job done without any effort. But she was acknowledged about their thought on her, accepted them as they are and did that job because she wish to do.
        She always wish to forget everything bad that others did to her. So that she could make love on them again. She stands with everyone when they need her and she never expects anyone for her to do anything. She want to do everything solely and she loved it too. 
          I thought if she is on this way then her life stays still. I want her to move on with some recognition in her job and to get promotion, earn more. But she is more confident in what she is doing. She said "I am satisfied with my job, what I earn, I wish to live this life for some more time. When I feel I want to move on I will. Money for me is to live not for getting recognition. When I feel what I earn is not sufficient for my life or what I am doing is not satisfying me, I will move on." 
        Sometimes she wait for someone who left her, with guilt of ill treating her without knowing that she acknowledges it, to come back and she is ready to accept them. But as a human she stay away from who never felt guilt on doing wrong, who never acknowledges her, who never felt the worth of forgiveness.
         One day she got married to the person of her choice. They made their life with love and trust that they have on each other. She got the complete love that she lost. But after 75 days of getting married she lost her soul-mate in a accident unfortunately. She too got injured. The accident had stolen her love and her two months time for recovering physically. But she completely drained out of love. Her cheeks were washed up even with last drop of her tears. She don't have anything to do in her life. But she is not that much weak to end her. She needs immense strength to move on. She got and moved on..
        After a long leave of 4 months she went back to her office with same smile again. The other people never expected that smile on her face. When they neared to console her she is so brave enough to say "I came alone to this world to live and do my job allotted by god. When it gets over I should leave as my love did. In between I should be trustworthy for what given to me." They surprised and haven't found any difference in her.  
         A year later when she was compelled by her parents and the society for second marriage, she haven't bend to their choice. Instead she accepts their thought of having some responsibility in life that would make her life meaningful and she agrees with it.
       Her life's decision is something different rarely touched. She made her life with love that she lost by adopting a boy baby from orphanage. I thought her life is fulfilled now the boy is 5 years old. But she said its not over by adopting the second child girl baby. The adoption and making their life is not that much easier for her to do. But she did. Even that second time too. Now she is complete and her life too..

Saturday, February 18, 2012

She is the one who!

     The title remains unrevealing till my heart speaks out openly!  Today there is no one to restrict me in my penning. I'm not saying it loftily. I just mean the freedom to express which is given by her. She is my kith as well as a kin!  She is the one who know who I am? and make extreme love for me ever. 
      She know everything which even my Mom miss to know! She never hesitate to speak the truth about me irrespective of good or bad. Even my diary doesn't holds anything to that extreme what she knows about me. Nothing is more special to her than me, it meant She doesn't have anything that matters a lot than me!

     She is the first to lend her ears to my words, to extend her hands to wipe my tears, to express joy on my success, to lift her sholders to hold my distress, to foster me to move further when others who I count on are busy with their commitments. She made me to love others and She made me to being loved by others.
    I dont know when and where we met and how we get introduced but I know How we are? and Where we are? and also She is the most prescious I found ever in my life. She is my commentator, observer, reviewer anything it may be but She is everything! She is the first to comment all my doings and my blog posts too. It wont be partially observed, the feedbacks will be straightforward without any compromises and she tries to motivate me to be better!
    She loves me to the extreme she could and make me too to love her to the extreme! How this is possible. She never possess a jealous on me but she is my best competitor. She make everything for me more specially and make me to do something for her more more specially. I find her everywhere when I need her. She always give me the best and never make a compramise in her choice for me. 
   She finds me whenever I am missing where actually I want to be a part. She stays in my eyes to get me know the different view of the world that is out of my focus. She is a good decision maker always provides the better solutions. She is one who restricts me and make me to refrain from everything that I should not proceed with. She analyse everything I refrain from and give me the exact. She made me neither optimistic nor pessimistic but realistic. 

        She is none other than "Myself" I found her. She is the one who can handle my heart better with love and care than any other! Be aware of your inner voice which always depicts the good for you! The above content would not mean anything if you read it as MINE. you just try to read it as YOURS once again.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hidden Treasures of my Stash!

        Treasures it always meant to something most worthy. It means the same here but its not about the money that to count, its the smile and the happiness I earn which fills the gaps between my beats very often whenever I have a glimpse at it. Its not the only one to have a peek at. Everyone would possess such a things that remind them the sweet memories and pick them back to the second they enjoyed it. Each and everything that I possess given me a most valuable moments. First of all my sweet bicycle. Its my first most valuable gift when I was 13, by my mom apart from many. Its immensurate that the love I have for it. It still drops me in my college daily in the morning and waits for me to pick me up at the evening. It is insensitive but it never left me alone anywhere in my way. Its always a pleasure trip whenever I was with my bicycle. Not alone my bicycle the keychain of it too the precious one which I found without looking for. Its like a little bag that clench my cycle token daily from morning to evening. It freed me from missing the tokens somewhere and paying the fine. I love it and it is in my fave colour too.

        And next the desk that holds all my creative stuff. Let it be my study table! Let it be my home inside my home where I spend most of the times in enjoying with my cute little buddies including the pen stand that I made from empty health drink container, the paper weight made with broken pieces of pen smeared with melting candles decorated inside the glass and a little cup holding  little stones decorated with artificial flowers, CD pouch made with empty gift box, and the most most lovable one my dad's tool box stayed there as holding all my lap top's accessories.


        And my love to Mother Theresa's quote pasted in my wall is ever lasting and little photo frame having my brother's photo made of decorative paper that stays as my first creative work before 5 years. And atlast my boring books and lap top too placed there in that table. I love my desktop wallpaper too. I dont know in which way it impressed me but I love it. The wallet that I got back with 1000 rupees which I lost in college campus still remains in me as the remnant of luck that I possessed. 

       Everyone have many friends. But only few will be intimate. For me too! The time they spent for us remains in us as sweet memories reminding them even when they are apart. The time here means not only the moment they were been with us it also refers the time they spent for us even when they are apart. In my life such a moment includes the time taken by my first two friends to present a birthday gift for me, it is nothing but a hand made greeting card with some decorative beads pasted in it. It holds a complete friendship that they have for me. Now they are apart but it remains as a colourful template for our friendship in my life.          
     It impressed and inspired me to gift my lovable ones with some hand made gifts rather than buying something and presenting for courtesy. It extends  myself to present a friendship card made of normal paper with the decorated natural dried leaves for all my classmates for Friendship day as they have spended some times with me and I gifted siva on her birthday, a booklet containing verses in each page specifying special days that we spent together more specially. 

           And she presented me a gift for my last years birthday that holds many special gifts for every birthday since my birth, from bindi for my first birthday to new blog for my last years birthday! And her New Year presentation for the first year after our meet and some silly little things that I sneaked from her rejoicing with me still.

          As such Love to my treasured things extending without ending!! How can I leave all these which played a little role and left a sweet footprints to think back in my life!!! It goes on!  
            Last but not the least the footling spacious home which keeps my Mom near to me whenever I am in search of her is my most favourute one. All my faves are quarelling to get priority in my love let it extend to have love with everything that I destined to!!! I wish to have love with whatever I have fun with! 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Am I Fine?

           Am I Fine? (Here it doesn't meant the look rather it speaks out the trait.) Do anyone know whether I'm fine or not? No one can answer this except myself! Then why I intends to ask " Am I Fine? " Because the Earth not includes "Me" alone to believe in "I can survive alone". Our environs includes some more and more some ones to care for. Someones may be Kiths and Kins and everyone we met. Where Kins are those who are related by blood as parents and some others. They wont analyse us instead they try to satisfy us of our needs and rectify us in some of our mistakes which is explicitly known.

        But the Kiths who are unknown may know more about us. In this hastening world we are spending more time being away from our family. The first three years since our birth are the fabulous days which never return back once lost because only on those days we are completely nestled into the warmth of love of our parents where our world too includes ourself and our parents alone. But once we stepped up to jumble with new ones we have to face up lots of gainsays. Per day approximately we spend 8 Hrs for sleeping and 8 Hrs for education or employment, and the remaining 8 Hrs might be with family. Even the latter might failed to many who stays in hostels for studies or who staying away from family due to their job. 
           So at the most we are intended to spend most part of our life with unknowns who are known to us as friends, class mates, teachers, colleagues, neighbours, leaders and so and so. Every one we met in our life such as some may spent just few minutes with us but they may left some foot prints in our life where some may wish to be with us with whom we wont fit to and some more to whom we wish to be with but often get pain of ignorance. This single Life contains everything and everyone we destined to be with. We cant refrain from getting something or meeting someone to which we are destined to. So we are in need to mellow us to handle the unique traits of people belongs to our environ. For easygoing with ours we must assure ourself for "Am I fine?".

           I believe in self contemplation which could mellow ourself to be a better one. It gives a complete study of resolved puzzles about "Am I fine with what I am leading to? How I am to others? Am I good in relationship with others?Are my Parents happy with my conduct? Do my friends feel better with me? When I get fury? When I get stressed? What are my faves and disfavors? and so on ". It must be analysed by ourselves considering how we react in dissimilar situations. Many may say "I want to be myself. Why I want to consider about what others think about me? " It is true and most of us agree with this. Me too. Possessing this thought makes me to spend my days being stubborn and lonely being alone in classes, not joining with others for any matters, where no one will consider me as me too belongs to the same class and not in classes alone I was departed everywhere from everyone .
          Now I felt very crappy to think back? I dont know why my brain not interested in forgetting those crappy memories. I just came out of it by enjoying the other face of Life which makes me to realize myself about How have I been in my past? But now it looks strange and enjoyable having fine moments with others, making others happy, handling the every situations with smile, and to love everyone and to be loved by others, extending my hands to wipe their tears, someone lending shoulder to hold my tears. Its doesn't mean that we must be fine with whom we are related to. It also meant to be better to who are all we met, adjusting with unalike traits of people and trying to learn something from them (How we should and How we should not). Because we too may do the same mistake which we find with others. This cant be achieved in few seconds where for me it tooks some few years to rescue myself. Many may analyse our characters and can guide us for our better behaviours but no one can read us completely and handle us and the only one who can handle our heart better is ourselves. Be ourselves and be better to others!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Remnant Of Dreams!

           Our human mind often darts with myriad desires. Its extreme is endless. But everything we desire are not achievable. Some daydreams may be such as becoming a millionaire in a single day or to become an angel or god using galaxy power as we seen in Tamil films or to facilitated with ability to read our academic books in fraction of seconds as Chitti(Robo) did in Endhiran. Every one would have experienced such a stargazes. Me too! We know that it is impossible to achieve but even though our human mind often wish to have a fun with our thoughts.

          Every dreams or desires are not fantasy. If we decide something as it must be achieved, then it is necessary to analyse the obstacles we going to face and the aftermath too for the better success. Yes, the success remains stable where the obstacles are delicately tackled and the consequences are drew reined. If we are really longing for something, our mind obsessively clung with it irrespective of its possibilities and consequences. The consequences may be good or bad. In such stage everyone won't act in a similiar manner. Some may analyse it whether we are desiring the right thing and also consider the future consequences to plan completely about what to do, how much effort we must put into and so on. 
          But some have a strong belief in "Everything is possible! Nothing is impossible!" without considering obstacles and consequences. It greatly works with higher effort to gain as we expected. But the success depends on the possibilities and how delicately we make for it. This is the stage where we move in to the control of our mind and we await for the chances to achieve it. Our desire often drove us to stargazes. The firm determination and Self-confidence helps to achieve our possibilities. Only the possibilities! 

           The great mistake we use to do while we aiming at something is expecting and imagining the output(the gain or positive result) before giving up the proper input. Its like having count on profit before commencing the bussiness. Analysing the profit is not the mistake but the problem here is dreaming about the gain before lossing the effort would make it hurtful when we unfortunately fails in it. Its so hurtful when our dreams getting away as illussion.
         It is not like that we can only achieve if we do things without expectations. Eventhough if we didn't expect anything too it hurts if we failed. Our pity little heart oft feels for failures, make guilt trip for mistakes, trapped by the distress due to loss. Its the human nature. But the pain in loss would be less effective and joy in success would be more if we put ourselves into whatever we do without having count on output. The failure on something which ate up our efforts would sow the confidence to try out it again where we have a count on neither success nor failure. And as same the happiness on achieveing something unexpectedly gives higher pleasure than anything achieved as we expected. Its always remains as a remnant of our dreams in retentions of our success for ever.